Speak to your app’s users without leaving your inbox

SupportKit helps you build meaningful connections with your app’s users so that you can keep them engaged and coming back to your app

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In-App Conversations

Help with a human touch

Let your users reach out to you as easily as they can text a friend

SupportKit makes it easy to have conversations with your users from the comfort of either your inbox or Slack app. Your replies show up directly in the in-app messenger and even send along push notifications.

Stop closing customer service tickets and start having conversations with your users so you can deep dive and find out what your users really need.

Context-Aware Help Content

Right answers at the right time

Give your app psychic powers by providing relevant content the instant it's needed

With SupportKit, users of apps never have to struggle to find the answers they need. Our SDK tracks issues your users may be having and recommends useful help content they can access without ever leaving your app.

Rich User Profiles

Get the whole story

Provide the best answers, faster by knowing who’s on the other end of the line

Are you tired of sifting through a maze of analytics packages, user databases and CRMs? SupportKit allows you to attach nearly any user data you can think of when your user contacts you. Use this data to provide a great response, directly from your inbox, without running through your arsenal of tools.

Integrated Customer Care

Everything in one place

A help center for your app that integrates deeply with Zendesk and connects with other ticketing systems

Add a complete help center to your app that allows users to both find answers and start conversations with you in a single place. Keep them coming back to your app—not running to web browsers and email to get the help they need.

If you’re running Zendesk, we automatically connect to your Help Center content and make your content searchable from within your app. If you’re using another platform, you can have SupportKit send its e-mail messages to your support team’s email and manage the conversations from within your favourite support tool.

Start connecting to your app’s users today

Installation of the SupportKit SDK is ridiculously simple. Quickly integrate the SupportKit SDK with your project through CocoaPods which also manages library dependencies and SDK updates. Alternatively, you can go the manual route and drop the SDK in your Xcode project.

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