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Collect and share with a single click

Never send another link through email again. With the Reveal browser button you can instantly save and share the best content from across the web and all of your company's knowledge systems. From ServiceNow and Salesforce to Sharepoint and Confluence, save all of your enterprise's best content to Reveal with a single click.

Team Collections

Build Collections of relevant content

Organize and share content however you choose, by topic, project or interest, and track Collections that interest you. Reveal makes it easy for your team to curate content around a specific purpose and gather the right people around it, so that everyone has the information they need, exactly when they need it.

One Search

Get all your knowledge in one place

Discover all of your team’s relevant Reveal content where you’re searching already: Google! Reveal highlights your saved content in Google’s search results, including your enterprise cloud content.

Smart Conversations

Join the discussion

Enhance collaboration with team conversations directly inside Reveal. Stop sending emails and start having meaningful, in-context conversation about the content you’re sharing with your colleagues.

Reveal’s power is only a few clicks away

Great news: all of Reveal’s current functionality is free! We are working on a number of premium features for you to enjoy in the future, but we’re happy to offer the current version for free.  So what are you waiting for?

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