Capture and share trusted tech support knowledge from the web

Embrace the web as an extension of your knowledge base so your support agents always find the answers they need. Reveal is a knowledge management solution providing instant access to peer-validated, up-to-date tech support content. Your customers get fast, effective support they’ll love you for.

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Peer-Validated Solutions

Find the right answers

Surface the web’s best tech support content right in your Google results

Reveal conveniently integrates with your Google searches to highlight peer-validated solutions. By identifying relevant tech support search queries, Reveal instantly surfaces content that has been used by other support agents to solve problems just like yours.

One-Click Sharing

Elevate team knowledge

Save and share new content you find with a single click

When you find great tech content on the web, you can save it with a single click, and it’s instantly shared with your team. Content captured with Reveal will automatically surface the next time you or your team members search the web for help on similar issues.

Commenting & Collaboration

Add your perspective

Enrich the web’s best tech support content and make it even better

Build your own dynamic knowledge base by enabling your team to comment and collaborate on top of any content on the web. Add your experience and enrich the results you find so that your team always has access to the freshest, most effective solutions.

Knowledge Network

Learn from other pros

Tap into the collective knowledge of the Reveal tech support community

Even when faced with a completely new problem your team hasn’t yet solved, Reveal can help. Reveal leverages content that has been used and recommended by other support professionals to provide relevant solutions to your team.

Install in seconds

Getting started with Reveal is easy. Simply sign up and install the Reveal browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. (An IE edition is coming soon!)


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