Knowledge discovery and sharing for teams. Made simple.

Reveal is a better way for tech support and IT teams to discover, collect, and share knowledge from the web. Your customers get fast, effective support they’ll love you for.

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Effortless Sharing

Collect and share with a single click

When you find great content on the web, click the Reveal button to send it to your collection and share it with your team. Content captured with Reveal is fully indexed and searchable so it’s easy to find the next time you need it.

Better Web Search

The web’s best tech content right in your Google results

Get relevant solutions from Reveal while you search the web, with no extra effort. Reveal’s tech-focused search engine works right inside Google to instantly show you content that has been validated by your team.

Team Collaboration

Improve knowledge with expert insights

Say goodbye to scattered knowledge locked inside emails, chat sessions, and bookmarks. Reveal makes it easy for your team to curate web content and capture insights from like-minded experts - helping you cut through the noise and zoom in on the information that’s important to you.

Get started with Reveal in seconds

Getting started with Reveal is easy.  Simply signup, install the Reveal Browser extension, and invite your team members to join.

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