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SupportKit instantly embeds your Zendesk Help Center in your mobile app. Your users find answers to their questions and can easily reach out to your support desk, without ever leaving your app.

SupportKit is completely free and takes 5 minutes to setup Enter a valid email address to proceed.
Instant Help

Instant help

Your users describe their problem and SupportKit instantly surfaces the solution from the articles published on your Zendesk HelpCenter. Your users won't have to leave your app to get the answer they need.

Instant Help

No browser necessary

With SupportKit, your users don't need to use a browser to search the web for help on using your app. Your answers are integrated into your native app: quick to access, and easy to read.

Seamless integration

Radialpoint’s free SupportKit is a native SDK that supports iOS 6 and iOS 7. With a single line of code, you can connect your Zendesk HelpCenter to your app. Available through Github or Cocoapods.

Instant Help
Informed Agents

One-touch contact

At the touch of a button, your users can send a message to a support agent describing their problem.

Informed agents

The SupportKit Console helps your support agents diagnose problems faster by providing them with contextual information from the users’ mobile app sessions.
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Radialpoint is serious about transforming customer support

A great customer experience isn’t possible without a great support experience. That’s why Radialpoint is developing solutions that make technical support instant and complete.

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