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SupportKit connects you to your app's users so you can provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful and keep coming back.

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Make clunky contact forms a thing of the past and let your users reach out to you as easily as they send a text to a friend. When you transform tickets into conversations, you'll build relationships that deliver the most valuable feedback and insight into how you can build an app that your users will love.

Answers at the right time

With SupportKit, your users don't have to struggle with search queries when they need help. Our API allows you to recommend useful articles and web pages to be presented to your users based on what they're currently doing so that your users will never have to struggle to find the answer they need.

Everything in one place

Add a complete help center to your app that allows your users to both find answers and start conversations with you in a single place. Keep them coming back to your app and not running to web browsers or e­mail inboxes to get the help they need.

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Get the whole story

The SupportKit console helps your team diagnose problems faster by providing a look into the context around a user's question. See your app's log messages, recent events, device information and more so that you can get to the root of the issue with ease.

Works with Zendesk

If you use Zendesk, SupportKit connects to your HelpCenter to bring both your knowledge base and ticketing to your app. It's the easiest way to add Zendesk features to an iOS app around.

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A great customer experience isn’t possible without a great support experience. That’s why Radialpoint is developing solutions that make technical support instant and complete.

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