Radialpoint focuses on the single biggest factor in determining a customer’s opinion of your company — support.


Radialpoint PTSCX is a turn-key Premium Technology Support (PTS) solution that let’s you deliver consistent tech support across all of a customers connected devices and services - so you can meet the growing demand for a unified, cross-platform technology support experience.

All you have to do is market your PTS program.

PTSCX takes out all the risk of launching a PTS program by offering you a complete, end-to-end solution that includes all of the call center labor, technology and operational expertise you need to launch a complimentary or for-fee PTS program.

You’ll minimize upfront investment costs because all the required capabilities are pre-packaged for you. We work with you to set performance metrics, and integrate additional services you may want to offer, like Security or Online Backup. You don’t have to build a new PTS call center or deal with unpredictable costs.

Increase Customer Loyalty Through
a Better Customer Experience

The Fast Track to New Revenues
and a Better Customer Experience

With Radialpoint PTSCX, you can quickly start generating revenues through premium technology support services.

We guarantee consistent, attractive margins for your business, while you build brand loyalty and improve the Customer Experience. Our PTSCX solution running on top of our industry-leading PTSCX Cloud Platform, with built-in best practices, lets our agents deliver an exceptional Customer Experience right from the start, addressing the great majority of customer issues on the first call.

PTSCX Cloud also makes it fast and easy to introduce new offerings or change existing ones at any time.

Technology that Scales with your Business

Our turnkey PTSCX solution runs on top of our proven, unique, end-to-end services and subscription management platform. Since 2005, it has enabled and managed SaaS services on over 23 million unique devices. Multi-tenant and enterprise ready, our platform comes with a rich set of interfaces for easy integration with CRM, and other back-end systems, as well as third-party applications and services.

Deliver Superior Mobile, PC and Connected-Home Support

Device-level software provides proactive solutions and personalized self-help to your customers, plus immediate access to a live support agent who can remotely connect to their devices and address issues directly, to free up the customer’s time. Multi-Device Software Agents also provide insight into device status, relaying data back to the PTSCX platform and Business Intelligence so you can gain a deeper understanding of the Customer Experience from your customer’s point of view. Support agents also get more actionable alerts, resulting in more efficient support that feels tailored to each customer.

Everything You Need
to Start a PTS Business

  • Pre-packaged "Peace of Mind" product bundles that include PTS, Security and Online Backup, ready to launch
  • Subscription product catalog and billing capabilities, so you can build a PTS business selling both one-time incidents and subscriptions
  • Branded online PTS services portal for service promotion, eCommerce and account management
  • End-user multi-device software agents that provide a unique, branded user experience, quick access to remote support and self-help tools
  • Complete subscriber lifecycle management covering the initial account setup and ongoing service delivery and payment, as well as upgrade and downgrade scenarios
  • PTS business intelligence reporting providing insight on the performance of your PTS offering and your users' experien ce with the service.
  • Experienced call center agents that are trained experts at selling and supporting PTS services using Radialpoint's PTSCX platform

Key Benefits

  • Consistent, industry-leading Customer Experience through ongoing measurement, service enhancements and insights gained from device-level data
  • Cost reductions through automated solutions and preventative maintenance, higher agent efficiency for technology support calls and lower cost of out-of-scope call handling
  • Ability to generate high-margin incremental services revenue by monetizing out-of-scope support
  • Single holistic view of the customer’s technology support experience, with a 360-degree view of the customer technology footprint as it relates to support

PTSCX Cloud Platform

Radialpoint’s flexible PTSCX Cloud Platform will turbocharge your tech support call center operations, letting you quick launch PTS programs that fit your specific business goals.

Maximum Control and Flexibility

  • Increase agent performance through extensive support automation and best-practice standard operating procedures
  • Deliver an enhanced level of service for the industry’s widest scope of technology support, handling both break-fix and “how to” calls quickly, efficiently and with greater ease
  • Easily create custom support offerings and bundle them with core products and services, or sell on a stand-alone basis
  • Sell one-time or ongoing subscription offerings leveraging built-in billing & tax capabilities
  • Manage and oversee service delivery from all your contact centers, including all the necessary performance and agent reporting
  • Realize significant integration cost savings with pre-integrated subscriber management tools
  • Support a single, unified customer experience with API integration options into your existing billing, CRM and other back-end systems
  • Incorporate your existing technology and customer services into the PTSCX platform for a unique differentiation of your offers

Better Tools for Better Agent Performance

Agents can only be as good as their tools, and PTSCX Cloud gives them only the best. Embedded within our platform are years of PTS operational expertise, from Standard Operating Procedures for major technical support call drivers, to automation tools, insightful views into customer devices, and chat, voice and remote control capabilities.

You’ll actually be able to handle 50% more customers per shift, without sacrificing Customer Experience.

Transform your cost center into a Customer Experience center

With PTSCX Cloud, out-of-scope support calls can go from being an expense to being part of a revenue-generating PTS offering.

Even during multi-vendor device support, PTSCX Cloud provides the support agent tools and processes to help greatly increase first-time resolution, with reduced handle times, and high customer satisfaction.

Know More, Automate More with Multi-Device Software Agents

Radialpoint Multi-Device Software Agents live on customer devices, expanding your customer relationship by giving you an ongoing branded presence during every support-related action.

Our software agents give your support agents a unique device-level view, while providing proactive solutions along with self-help tools and personalized tutorials to your customers. They also give customers immediate access to a live agent and, by relaying device-level data back for analysis, enable deeper Customer Experience Management capabilities to your organization.

What PTSCX Cloud Includes

Multi-Device Software Agents

On-device software that provides support agents with direct insight and access to customer devices. Our software agents provide your customers with a user- friendly app that supplies automated device optimization, self-help tools and applications, and a single point of entry to access remote expert support.

Self-Help and Tutorials

Targeted self-help options let your customers find convenient solutions to problems on their own. The platform uses knowledge of subscribers and their devices to deliver self-help content based on the customer's context.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our analytics provide you with detailed, actionable insights into your PTS program, how it's performing and where it can be improved. You'll have the ability to measure service quality and efficiency, and identify support trends in order to help improve service delivery efficiency and the Customer Experience.

eCommerce and Billing

Create flexible subscription billing plans and billing rules to match your product offering strategy, including management of setup fees, trials, discounts and promotions, and early disconnect fees. The cloud includes full eCommerce capabilities for your support agents or customers to manage billing information, service subscriptions and upgrades/downgrades, as well as access account history.

Proactive Maintenance and Support

We reduce support issues with proactive diagnostics and automated solutions to common problems. These include automated device tune-ups and management of key device configurations, including end-point security, OS and Security updates, online backup settings and app installations and updates.

Remote Support Automation

Streamlines support agent processes for maximum efficiency. Includes ticket and support interaction management, remote chat and device takeover, 360-degree view of the customer (including device inventory), intelligent support ticket routing and escalation, guided operating procedures and remote fix delivery tools.

Subscriber Management and Product Catalog

Unified account and subscription management for all technology services, ensuring a consistent customer journey for provisioning, account setup, authentication and fulfillment. You can rapidly define and deploy new products and multi-service subscription bundles, and create and manage unique product offers that combine PTS with additional third-party services like security, online backup and warranty — creating unique peace-of-mind consumer offerings managed through a single platform.

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Manage the journey for all key areas of the customer lifecycle — from initial subscription to account registration to product upgrades and more, including multi-channel event-driven communications (email, on-device notifications, SMS) that support all phases of the consumer lifecycle.

Actionable PTS Program Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics gather and share data and analysis across multi-device software agents, PTSCX components, service and subscription management components and third-party integrated components. All data is aggregated to deliver a true integrated view of subscribers and the state of the business, as well as actionable insights.

PTScx Connectors

The PTSCX Cloud has a rich set of integration adapters and APIs to extend our platform into your own internal systems and other third-party technology platforms required by your PTS program. Integrations with your CRM, BI tools, billing system or advanced third-party tax engine are just a few examples of customer-specific platform integrations.

PTScx Service Extensions

Radialpoint's partner services ecosystem lets you extend your PTS offerings with additional technology services for your customers. It includes a growing set of third-party services like Security, Online Backup, Identity Protection and In-Home support, and also allows you to integrate new consumer services into the platform and bundle them with PTS to further differentiate your offering.

PTSCX Service Extensions

The PTSCX Cloud solution allows you to integrate 3rd-party services, such as security, online backup, or device warranty into a combined product offering and customer experience, so you can create unique Premium Technology Support bundles for your customers.

Service Bundles

A complete peace-of-mind Premium Technology Support program can incorporate different types of services, depending on your customer needs and types of devices. The challenge has always been the cost of providing a single touch point for end users with a consistent customer experience. Our PTSCX Service Extensions feature solves that problem, making available an ecosystem of partners and services, as well as all the tools needed to integrate your own services.

For example, you can easily enable Multi-Device End-Point Security and Online Backup services in your PTS program, and quickly integrate even existing services such as your current device protection services. Offered together, they can form a total “peace-of-mind” bundle – protecting your customers from malicious software, giving them greater control and privacy, and making sure they can retrieve files and data lost through any circumstance.

Internet Security Services

We’ve integrated security services from the industry’s leading security software providers, which can be bundled as part of any consumer PTS offering.

  • Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • Parental Controls
  • Web Content and Search Advisor
  • Social Network Privacy Protection
  • Mobile Security for Smartphones and Tablets
    (including mobile malware protection and remote device recovery / lock / wipe)

Online Backup Services

  • Simple Wizard-based Set Up
    (for data backup content selection)
  • Hybrid Local/Cloud Data Backups
    (for added convenience and protection)
  • Continuous Protection with File Versioning
  • Complete System Recovery
  • Password Protection of Backup Data
    (with encryption)
  • Remote Web-based Anywhere/Anytime Access to Backup Data
  • Personal Content Social Sharing Cloud Backup