Be More to Your Customer

Be more to your customer.™

Radialpoint focuses on the single biggest factor in determining a customer’s opinion of your company — support.

For OEMs, ISVs, Telecom Carriers and MSOs, the future belongs to companies that can overcome the growing parity of products by developing a deeper customer relationship. That means taking greater responsibility for the Customer Experience (CX) – an experience that stretches beyond the internet connection a company provides, the signal it carries or the device it sells.

Our Premium Technology Support solution, PTSCX, gives you the software, systems, processes, best practices and Customer Experience Management (CEM) orientation that’s needed to expand the customer relationship and improve the support experience – and therefore the Customer Experience – from the customer’s point of view. You’ll be able to proactively manage the technology support experience, to significantly increase customer loyalty, generate additional revenues and compellingly differentiate your company in the market.

Industry-leading Quality of Experience

Whether you want to cost-effectively launch a PTS program or improve the performance of existing programs, PTSCX lets you meet customers’ increasingly high expectations while setting new standards of call center efficiency. Through over a decade of investment in proprietary service delivery technologies, we’ve eliminated the trade-offs between customer satisfaction, scope of support and cost to serve.

Industry-leading Call Center Efficiency

Support Your Customers, Not Just Your Products

The massive growth in connected devices has led to an equal increase in the number and scope of problems encountered by consumers and small businesses. This has led to increased consumer frustration and dissatisfaction with their technology and technology providers, even when the problem has nothing to do with the particular device, technology or service they provide.

That’s why there’s a growing need for multi-device, cross-platform, and out-of-scope technology support to improve the Customer Experience and increase customer loyalty. To a large degree, the usual call center performance measurements aren’t oriented to this new approach. Support interactions are usually monitored and analyzed only in terms of agent efficiency or other ‘inwardly focused’ KPIs. But to remain competitive in an increasingly CEM-driven marketplace, customer satisfaction has to be the goal.

We say, why not have the best of both worlds? With Radialpoint PTSCX, you’ll not only continuously improve complex technical support experiences, but you’ll continuously improve the Customer Experience. Our industry-leading solution set gives you:

  • 360-degree technology view of the customer
  • Automated diagnostics and problem solving
  • Purpose-built support agent tools
  • Intelligent on-device presence
  • Targeted self-help content
  • Detailed support interaction data and analytics

Stay Connected, Diagnose Problems and Take Action

Support supplies the single largest amount of – and most current – customer data. Radialpoint PTSCX lets you better visualize and manage the data gathered during various support interactions, so you can inform both your support and other CEM programs with actionable customer insights.

CX Data

  • A complete, 360-degree view of the customer’s technology footprint through data gathering via intelligent device software agents and diagnostics
  • Collection of data and measurement of every customer interaction


Support Experience Results

  • Best “support action” at every customer touch point
  • Automated diagnostics and reporting via PTSCX Multi-Device Software Agents, fueling detailed customer insights, automated solutions and targeted self-help tools across customer devices
  • Intelligent customer routing to the correct support agent, based on subscriber status, device type, call reason, to avoid customer frustration
  • Fast issue resolution via automated tools and pre-defined standard operating processes
  • Addresses all aspects of the support Customer Experience, including service packaging, delivery and management, subscription management and billing for fee-based services

Use Our Operational Know-How

Premium Technology Support involves more than tying various support technologies together. A PTS customer has far higher expectations than one who calls a typical first line support help desk, making customer interactions fundamentally different. New approaches and technologies are needed to ensure high customer satisfaction rates and first-time resolution of complex consumer technology problems.

With over a decade of Premium Technology Support experience, Radialpoint can provide support agent training, call center ramp-up, specialized technology tools and new work group models and processes. We’ll help ensure that you maintain quality and efficiency in the continuously changing world of PTS and smoothly deliver premium services, both technically and commercially. You can use our operational knowledge and experience to align and track your programs against relevant KPIs.

Become Future-Proof

We make it easy for you to grow and scale your PTS business by adding future services without new systems integration. Via APIs and SDKs, our open, flexible platform lets you integrate third-party services into PTS programs, like security, backup and warranty enablement – whether they’re existing assets or services from your partners or our partners. Our support for the delivery of a broad range of technology services enables you to expand the scope of your offering over time to ensure you’re offering is differentiated in the market.

Industry-Specific Benefits



  • Surge in mobile devices and connection
  • Multiple platforms (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Increased support costs
  • Need to manage end-to-end Customer Experience, understand customer data, expectations, etc.
  • Increasing demand for a broader scope of support

PTScx Benefits

  • Significant positive impact on CSAT
  • Reduced call center operating costs through agent efficiency and lower cost to serve
  • Increased subscriber lifetime value and loyalty
  • Increased coverage of support – multi-device, across customer technology footprint
  • Potential high-margin revenues from sale of new support services



  • Shrinking margins, need for new revenue
  • Growing expense of No Fault Found (NFF) returns
  • Customers expect support for devices not made by OEM
  • Connected customers expect a seamless experience: easy setup, ongoing support
  • Retail distribution channels mean limited direct relationship with consumers; need for greater presence in Customer Experience


PTScx Benefits

  • Potential recurring, high-margin revenue stream from support subscriptions
  • Ongoing relationships and improved overall Customer Experience for increased loyalty
  • Differentiation through PTS service bundling with device purchase
  • Opportunity to upsell more core products through visibility into customer environment/needs and relevant targeted communications



  • Retrofitting existing solutions or creating new business applications in the cloud
  • Expertise in business solution, not infrastructure – cloud model requires shared services, delivery tools and support systems
  • Shift from traditional up-front license sell to subscription- based model
  • Must adapt business applications and solutions to mobile platforms


PTScx Benefits

  • New revenue from out-of- scope support requests
  • Direct, ongoing customer relationships through subscription services
  • Differentiating Customer Experience with high CSAT and NPS, driving core software sales
  • Broadened existing offerings via integration and PTS up-sell
  • New expertise in service offers, EDFs, etc.

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