Company Profile

For over a decade, Radialpoint has foreseen and enabled consumer-focused technology services, understanding the changing role of technology support and its growing importance as the lynchpin of the Customer Experience.

Our PTSCX products and services enable companies such as telcos, ISVs and OEMs to address customer technology frustrations by supporting and managing all of a customer’s mobile and digital technologies, guaranteeing resolution of an issue even if that issue was not caused by the provider’s own product. Our clients embrace out-of-scope support problems and benefit by becoming the trusted advisor in their customer’s digital life.

With PTSCX, companies can improve the Customer Experience, and customer loyalty, through the delivery of expanded and enhanced support experiences, while continuously reducing support costs through analytics and automation. As a result, our clients can deliver the best consumer support experience at the lowest cost, freeing them to use PTS services to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, with the ability to monetize support or bundle it with core services. PTSCX also collects customer and support interaction data and allows it to be shared with other client systesms to fuel both support and other CEM programs with actionable customer insights.

As a company and as individuals, we are dedicated to “walking the walk” when it comes to CEM. We constantly strive to optimize our clients’ Radialpoint experience through our products, our people and our role as an expert PTS partner. We work to constantly improve our client relationships, stressing quality, collaboration and integrity in everything we do. We are committed to “being more” to our clients, and helping them stay one step ahead in the evolving and increasingly important intersection of CEM and technology support.

  • Radialpoint is a global provider of Premium Technology Support and helps businesses such as Telcos, Carriers, ISVs and OEMs address customer technology frustrations.
  • Headquartered in Montreal, with locations in Boston, London and Toronto
  • Privately held company: CEO is a company founder, TA Associates is a minority investor
  • ~200 staff members, consistently named a top employer in Montreal and Canada
  • Over 20 million consumers benefiting from Radialpoint powered technology
  • Helping customers increase CSAT to 90%+ and NPS to 80+
  • Powered ~$1B in revenues for customers to date
  • 100% white-label partner-driven model

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